Senior Project

Senior Project Opportunities
Community Connections at PHS

Don’t have an idea yet? How would you like to partner up with an already existing project in your area that’s also something you’ve been dreaming of doing? Check out these listings to find one that’s right for you. Each organization would greatly appreciate working with you on your unique project idea.

See Brendan in the Student Center for more information, or just click on the link for each organization’s homepage!

Teach Your Passion
SUN Community Schools at Shaver Elementary
Whatever your skill, talent, hobby or passion, turn it into an after school class for kids. Example class ideas are: Chess, Band, Break Dancing, Latin Dance, Literary Magazine, Basic Spanish, Sign Language, Magic Tricks / Juggling, Poetry, Hip-Hop, and Gardening.

Cultural Kitchen

Oregon Council of Hostelling International
Want to explore the cuisines of the world? Work with an international team to coordinate the planning of an ethnic meal and present cooking workshops that help educate audiences in cultural diversity!

Be a Puppeteer!

Kids on the Block
Excellent performance experience! Team up with other puppeteers to perform scripted educational programs to elementary schools and community groups. Topics include healthy eating, active play, preventing child abuse, bullying, and cultural diversity. Training provided.

Bicycle Mechanic for Kids
Community Cycling Center
Interested in learning the tools of the trade? Want to make a difference in children’s lives? Learn how to tear down and refurbish donated bikes, help transform them into “new bikes” to be given to kids for holiday gifts!

Tutor Homeless Youth

LearnLinks at YWCA
LearnLinks offers you the chance to explore your passion for child development and mentoring. Provide tutoring, or just conversation and companionship to children of homeless families in your area. Make a difference in one or several childrens’ lives.

After School Adventure Club

Human Solutions Inc.
Create your own activity group or join existing after school activities that serve children of low-income families. Gain leadership skills as your interests become projects for kids!

Build Houses
Mt. Hood Habitat for Humanity
Help build a 22-townhouse complex at 197th in Gresham, get real-world carpentry experience and a sense of satisfaction in seeing your work go toward new homes for families! Follow the work of mentors to expand your skill set in the construction trade.

Community Radio
KBOO 90.7 FM
Mass communication. It’s all up to you. Get trained in radio production and join a dynamic youth collective to produce 2 radio programs per month. Topic and format are limited by your imagination.

Computers for All
Free Geek
Technology for the people: Build your sixth computer at Free Geek, take it home! Free Geek’s high school internship gets you going on system evaluations and building computers, to teaching new volunteers and shaping the future of the organization.

Publishing Project
Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC)
Help IPRC publish books, zines, and newspapers that highlight work from underrepresented writers and areas. Your idea can become their next project!

Crafters Unite
School & Community Reuse Action Project (SCRAP)
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in the name of art. Interested in being part of a specialized volunteer group that designs, creates, and promotes products while helping build a no-waste culture? Take your crafty ideas to retail as you create new product lines for SCRAP.

Senior Project Proposals are due FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26TH by 3 PM.


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