The Parkrose HS mural "Horses through History and World 
Cultures" is coming along beautifully! Already several of the panels 
are completed and ready to be permanently applied to the school's 
outdoor wall (this will happen later this month). Space is available for 
volunteer student assistants community service credit is awarded for this 

  Join muralist Larry Kangas in the studio this week! Don't miss this
 opportunity to observe/help a world class artist!

    For the week of Monday, July 2nd, here's the schedule:

    Monday July 2nd  9-5pm
    Tuesday- July 3rd  9-6pm
    Wednesday- July 4th HOLIDAY- STUDIO IS CLOSED
    Thursday- July 5th 9-6pm
    Friday- July 6th  9-6pm
    Saturday- July 7th  TBA (to be announced)

  Volunteer studio assistants help hang canvas, and assist with painting 
the mural. Community service credits are awarded to students for this 
activity. Youth can also create a mural artwork or their own design- on a
 large 4 X 5 ft wooden panel. Paint, brushes and other supplies are 
provided at no cost.

Questions? Call Joanne Oleksiak, Mural Project Coordinator

  c/o Community Connections at 503/408-2645 
  Or simply stop by the Parkrose HS Mural Arts Studio
 (aka the Fine Arts Building, by the tennis courts)
 A mural dedication party is planned for Saturday, July 28th 12-2 pm


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