Win/Win:Argay Neighbors + Varsity Soccer Team

An Open Letter from the Argay Neighborhood Association President.

June 7, 2008

Greetings to all:

We’d like to share an upbeat story…

The Argay Neighborhood Association (ANA) presently consists of a small group of “older” neighborhood volunteers, (at the moment all females) who work hard for their community and who organize periodic special services for the neighborhood…. such as a Neighborhood Clean-up Day.

Neighborhood Clean-up Day requires that large and small loads of household items and yard debris be put into very large dumpsters, and some of those making use of this service are more “senior” than the ANA board. This year the neighborhood provided no muscular, agile, energetic young volunteers, and we were facing a serious problem.

When Parkrose High School soccer coach Damian Califf heard via Community Connections Coordinator Joanne Oleksiak that volunteers were needed, the Coach contacted Bonnie Scott, the ANA board member coordinating the event, to report that his soccer team had volunteered to help us out.

Under the watchful eye of Coach Damian’s wife Brittaney, 11 healthy young dynamos unloaded, tossed, pitched, slung, arranged, crammed, stacked and tamped down trash and yard debris, making full use of dumpster space. They worked virtually non-stop for over 4 hours, keeping the line of vehicles (more than 100) moving efficiently. And they did it all in high good humor.

We’d like to name those who saved the day for Argay: Matt, Josh, Connor, David, John, Jacob, Nathan, Josh (No. 2), Nick, Jose, and Christian. Gentlemen, our heartfelt thanks.

And our thanks to Coach Damian and Brittaney, Joanne Oleksiak, and other steadfast neighborhood volunteers Clare & Sharon Mershon, Dana McCray, Alice Ford, Tina Scarborough, Jane Roffey-Berry, Gary Scott, and coordinator Bonnie Scott for making this a successful event.

With gratitude…

Valerie Curry, ANA President

(Enclosure: Donation to Parkrose High School Boys Soccer Team)


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