Volunteering is Fun at Children’s Museum


The Portland Children’s Museum utilizes volunteers for special events and offers long-term volunteer and internship opportunities too. If you love to see the light go on in a child’s eyes as they learn new things and have fun, this could be a wonderful place for you to volunteer. It is located across the street from the Oregon Zoo and is easy to get to by MAX.
The Museum is currently recruiting and training new volunteers to help with Arthur’s World, a new exhibit based on the popular book and T.V. series cartoon character! Volunteers help guide the play experience with visitor families and help support important messages such as the value of reading, writing, storytelling, and positive social skills.

arthurjpg.jpegPosition Description: Arthur guides will help visitors experience the exhibit by guiding the play experience, pointing out exhibit features that are appropriate for the child’s age and interest, interacting with visitor families (including children ages six months to 10-years-old), providing customer service, helping with safety issues, and maintaining orderliness and cleanliness in the exhibit.

Need: Sixty volunteers to help with Arthur. Apply as soon as possible; trainings will take place in May. Read more at: Volunteering at the Children’s Museum or click on the “volunteer” tab at their website: http://www.portlandcm.org/


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